When Police lie who is the one to stop them?

When the DA lies (Remras) who will stop him?

When the OSP lies who will stop them?

When the Media lies who will stop them?

It’s a Murder?

Tiffany was shot in the head, and no Police, DA, Family or Judge will ever tell me to LIE?

Judge Kantor tell the truth

Judge CRAMMER tell the truth

Tiffany Jenks did not die how you lie…

And I cannot lie…..

Why are you so evil… Why are you ruining so many people’s lives with your CULT….

Oregon FBI must take over this Corruption and fast… Tiffany Jenks Murder is about to go all out….. The truth will be told and the Hoover Dam was Tiffany’s JOB…. Why? Why is the PLAN for this CULT to lie…..

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