Controlling the mind of individuals and subconsciously make them do things are the aims of occult groups in their rituals. They want to create perfectly obedient slaves whose minds are preprogrammed to obey all their biddings.

Researches and experiments on mind controls were earnestly done by the Nazis during the WW II with the backings and supports of the Illuminati.

In the US, top secret researches and projects on mind controls were done in the 70’s under several names like Bluebirds, MKUltra , and Project Monarch. However, the American public were kept in the dark as to what these clandestine projects really were.

Various sectors of the population such as intelligence, military, governments, industry, science, churches, lounges, and sects have been involved in these projects. Different methods are used in these projects that include drugging, hypnosis, torture, and surgery with prisoners and helpless patients as guinea pigs.

In the case of Project Monarch, its main emphasis is to gain mind controls of individuals by applying trauma. This is to fragmentize or confuse the mind and splitting the personality of its victim. This method results to multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder. Hence, a Monarch slave or victim may end up with thousand alter egos independent of each other. Each personality is subject to the biddings of the leader/s.

The complete programming of the individuals mind starts from infancy. The victim is traumatized to trigger a natural protection in the brain that results to the splitting of the personality and create dissociation. This is usually conducted by a person deeply loved by the child. Having the complete trust of the child, controlling him comes easy and naturally.

The repeated application of trauma or torture conditions the slave subconsciously to obey every command under total mind control to avoid further torture.

To make a Monarch slave perform certain commands unconsciously, certain “triggers” are fed into its mind which when mentioned, makes him react accordingly. These “triggers” can be fed by several means such as brainwashing and associations with symbols, words, sounds, smells and other senses.

The influence of the Monarch Mind Control in Oregon

Among the proofs that confirm the that Monarch Mind Control cult has infiltrated Oregon are:

  • The case of Tiffany Jenk’s murder is typical of the results of Monarch Mind Control’s manipulation. As per the allegations of Tiffany’s boyfriend, John Captain, Tiffany had become a Monarch slave when she worked as a hydrologist at the Bonneville Power Administration in 2012 which was controlled by the Illuminati.

According to him, investigations made by the Oregon Police were not true. John alleges that they were manipulated by the Monarch which controlled the police force.

For details of this, go to:

  • Another instance of Monarch Mind Control happening in Oregon was in a suburban arcade near Portland in 1981. A dull, digital glow bounced off the faces of teenagers who were immersed in playing the game of Polybius. Tiny lines and dots danced or exploded with high-pitched beeps across the faces of the players. These made them nauseous, stressed and suffered from horrific nightmares. Others had seizures or attempted suicide while many felt unable to control their own thoughts. It was recalled men in black suits opened the machine every week, recorded its data, and left, with no interest in its coins. Soon after it appeared, the mysterious arcade game vanished without warning—taken by the men in black suits, leaving no record of its existence.
  • In the Portland area, there was a man named Rex who has the job of accessing Monarch slaves and bringing them into one of the five reprogramming centers. One of the programmers in these centers was Ed who covers up as a meat salesman. His job was to create Monarch slaves who perpetuated the secret activities of the Illuminati. Slaves were recruited from among professional, students, college and high school sports groups, and those in the military. These saves were used for drug running, money laundering, prostitution, pornography and acting.
  • Bo Gritz, a former presidential candidate, is one of several male Monarch slaves who have been used to infiltrate the opposition to the New World Order. Gritz, with some ultra-conservative Christian leaders, had purchased acres of land near Kamiah, Idaho. The land is held in trust by the Oregon-based Almost Heaven Properties and the Western Development Trust, headed by Jack McLamb who was a former Arizona police officer and associate of Gritz.


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